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King’s College Uniform

You can check the uniform list here.

King’s College Uniform Policy

The College has high standards for its pupils and they are expected to be smartly and appropriately dressed in the regulation school uniform at all times, including the journeys to and from school. Basic expectations include:

  • Clean navy blue or black leather shoes to be worn by all. Boots, booties, yacht shoes or trainers are not permitted.
  • Boys’ trousers should be tailored, dark grey in colour and be made of wool, polyester or a wool/polyester mix. Cotton trousers of any type are not allowed, e.g. jeans, chinos etc.
  • Girls’ skirts and pinafores must be the official College design purchased from the School Shop.
  • Polo shirts and shirts must be tucked in all the time. No coloured T-shirts or undergarments with coloured designs should be worn under the shirt.
  • Jumpers must be navy blue, v-necked and have the school badge.
  • Jewellery must be worn discretely. Earrings are not permitted for boys and in the case of girls, only one pair of simple studs is permitted. Necklaces, if worn, should not be visible and only one wrist bracelet is permitted. Makeup and nail polish, if worn, should be subtle and discrete.
  • Pupils may only wear the College official sports kit for PE lessons and club activities. This can be purchased from the School Shop. Trainers must be predominantly white in colour.


School Shop

Opening Time

Please note that the school does not have a school shop on site, but you can make your orders from here, and the order will be sent through to the school.

The school shop is open from Tuesday to Friday

Tuesday and Friday

  • 9:00 to 17.00

Wednesday and Thursday

  • 9:00 to 14.00

(Closed local and national holidays).




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