An Inspired School

‘What do I do with my child when he/she misbehaves?’…‘ I can’t control him/her’ … ‘He/She doesn’t listen to me’…

‘Does my child have a Special Educational need?’

‘I don’t know how to play with them’  ‘What can I do to keep them creatively busy?’

‘How can I push his reading and calculation?’ ‘How does the school teach my child to read or calculate?’

‘My child is scared and I don’t know what to do to help him/her’

These are questions that all parents ask themselves when trying to reach their children. Children don’t come with an instruction manual and often it is difficult to know what to do or to understand that what is happening to them is normal at this stage of their development.

In King’s Infant School we would like to help all parents by creating our new Parenting School. A group of parents meeting informally every week to discuss different topics regarding the education of their children. A place where all fears can be expressed and we can all help each other to improve our skills. Education professionals helping parents to understand and use good parenting practice.

We would like to invite all parents who wish to join us in this journey through the parenting role. We have a set of workshops that will help you to have a deep knowledge about children and will give you skills to face any difficulties.

Parenting School will take place regularly throughout the year and all parents attending will have free childcare in After School Club (King’s Infant School pupils only).

Mental Health and Wellbeing for young children

Behaviour Management

Body Image and Eating Disorders


If you wish to join the Parenting School please send an email to Mr. Dominguez: with the subject ‘Parenting School’.