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How to choose a nursery in Chamartín

A step-by-step guide

Leaving children in the hands of strangers for the first time is hard for most parents. After overcoming the initial fears and once the decision to take them to a nursery has been taken, doubts and questions arise: How do I choose a nursery? What are the criteria to find the best centre? How much does a nursery cost?

If you're looking for a nursery in Chamartín, in this section you'll find all the help and information you need to make the best decision and ensure that your child receives a tailor-made education from the beginning of their schooling.



The first steps: How to start looking for nurseries in Chamartín

Family circumstances and personal preferences make each situation different, so there are no fixed dates to start looking for nurseries in Chamartín. However, we recommend giving yourself plenty of time to find the best nursery. Leaving it to the last minute means you could end up being left with very few options and having to choose a nursery out of necessity rather than preference. Four to six months is deemed to be a reasonable period to find the right nursery.

It may seem obvious, but the first step in the search for a nursery in Chamartín should be to locate and list all the nurseries in the area you're most interested in. The location is a key factor in this first stage because you’ll have to decide whether a nursery near your home, work, etc. is more convenient. It's also important to remember that, even for such young children, some nurseries in Chamartín have a good transport service that makes it easier for parents to take their children to and from nursery every day. If you find a nursery that offers this service, you should make sure that the bus route covers areas that are convenient for you.

Once you've made the initial list of nurseries near Chamartín or in areas of interest to you, the second step is to start filtering them by certain essential requirements, such as, for example, the opening hours and flexible timetable of each centre. This will allow parents to decide when they want their children to be at nursery and to adjust their schedule to their personal circumstances.

Another factor to consider when making a list of the nurseries you're interested in is the financial aspect. It can be useful to set a budget and compare it with the fees of the nurseries in Chamartín. At this point, it's also important to be aware that there are many grants and aids available for both public and private nurseries.

The type of nursery you're looking for is also an essential aspect of the initial search: a private or public nursery? A bilingual or an English-speaking nursery? In the following sections, we’ll outline the main differences and details of each type of nursery in Chamartín.

Los primeros pasos: Cómo empezar a buscar guarderías en Chamartín



Public and private nurseries in Chamartín: Main differences

In the Chamartín district there are about 30 nurseries, most of which are private (around 25), while the rest are public.

As with schools, nurseries can be very different, not necessarily because of their public or private nature. That said, when it comes to choosing between public and private nurseries in the Chamartín district, there are certain key aspects to take into account:

Guarderías públicas y privadas en Chamartín: Principales diferencias
  • Admissions. For public nurseries, given the large number of applicants, the admission period, usually between April and May, is quite strict. Outside of this period, it's virtually impossible to find a place. Private nurseries are much more flexible, allowing more time for families to apply and begin the enrolment process. 
  • Timetables. Flexible timetables are also one of the main differences between public and private nurseries –public nurseries tend to have a more rigid and limited timetable, with a set start and end time, that families must follow. In private nurseries, however, parents have much more freedom to choose and adjust their children's timetable to their needs.
  • School calendar. Public  nurseries are governed by the Spanish school calendar. This means that they include holidays, such as Christmas, Easter and summer, when the centre isn’t open. Private nurseries, on the other hand, are open almost continuously throughout the year, though in some cases they may be closed on regional holidays.
  • Facilities. Although there are no major differences between the facilities of public and private nurseries, as both share the same organisational and technical regulations, there are differences depending on each centre’s methodology or educational philosophy. However, as we shall see below, given the difference in price, it's only logical that private nurseries tend to have higher quality facilities.
  • Methodology. The ECEC curriculum is set at a national level by the Spanish Ministry of Education, so it doesn't usually differ greatly between private and public centre. The centres that teach a different methodology, such as British nurseries, which we’ll discuss below, don't follow the Spanish educational system. 
  • Fees. The fees are set according to family income for public nurseries, while in private  nurseries the fees vary greatly depending on the centre itself and the hours of attendance. 



The cost of a private nursery in Chamartín: is it worth the investment?

Although we've already mentioned pricing, this is undoubtedly of interest to any parent looking for a nursery in the centre of Madrid, so it's worth exploring further.

As a general rule, the fees for a private nursery in Chamartín are usually higher than a public nursery, but this difference in price is reflected in benefits that will be key for many parents when choosing the ideal nursery for both the child and the rest of the family.

Being able to choose a tailor-made option in terms of schedules and timetables won’t only make the transition to this new stage much more pleasant for the child, but will also allow parents to balance their work and personal schedules. 

El precio de una guardería privada en Chamartín: ¿Merece la pena la inversión?

The higher the fees of a private nursery in Chamartín, the greater the investment in terms of the educational experience for the children: they tend to have superior facilities, educational material, and even better trained teaching staff. In addition, private educational centres tend to have smaller groups, so that each child receives individual attention and activities are more effective for each individual.

It's worth noting that, although the price of a private nursery is usually higher, there are many grants and timetable adjustments that can also make a private nursery a very affordable option.

In any case, when it comes to such a vital tool as education, most parents consider the fees an investment and the flexibility, security, and educational excellence offered by a private centre not only a guarantee of family well-being, but also a promising start to their children's academic career. It's undoubtedly an investment that will provide a solid return in both the short and long term.

Guardería bilingüe o en inglés en Chamartín. ¿Cómo funcionan y qué ventajas aportan?



English-speaking or bilingual nursery in Chamartín. How do they work and what are their benefits?

Among the private nurseries in Chamartín there are around ten bilingual centres, which is good news for parents in the area! Speaking more than one language, especially English, is an unbeatable advantage for any child. We also know that the earlier you start learning a second language, it will be quicker and easier to pick up.

This is why many parents decide to start their children on this language adventure from the very beginning of their schooling, and this is where bilingual or English-speaking nurseries come in. However, it should be noted that these two terms aren't interchangeable:

In bilingual nurseries, children have the same amount of exposure to English as to Spanish; in other words, 50% of the time in the nursery will be spent doing activities in English and the other 50% in Spanish. This is undoubtedly a good learning option and especially beneficial for families who require their children to learn both languages while away from home.

In British nurseries, on the other hand, there's full language immersion, as English is the only language in which children take their first steps outside the home. This provides many benefits in terms of language learning, as it's a completely natural learning process that will ensure that language acquisition in the same way as their mother tongue, making sure that they become fully bilingual.

British nurseries also differ greatly from other childcare centres in terms of methodology. In the British system, interdisciplinary learning plays a major role. There are no disconnected learning activities nor compartmentalisation of knowledge, but children learn and apply new skills in different contexts, exploring and playing. This leads them to develop their own curiosity and motivation, enjoying learning from the very beginning of their schooling.

Attending a British nursery can also be the first step towards an extraordinary academic career, as it can be the natural stepping stone to a British school, which then opens the door to the world's best universities and an extraordinary education and development.



Five tips on how to choose the best private nursery in Chamartín

The first step in choosing a private nursery in Chamartín is a visit to the centre itself. Most infant schools offer this possibility, allowing parents to familiarise themselves with the facilities, talk to the teaching staff, and see for themselves how things work on a day-to-day basis.

Located in the heart of Madrid, the Chamartín district offers several private nurseries. When it comes to choosing between them, each family will have different criteria, but some recommendations will be useful for everyone:

  • How the centre operates must be in line with the family's principles. It's important to look at the philosophy, the emotional atmosphere and the relationships that are formed in the nursery to ensure they´re in line with those set by the family.
  • Teaching staff must be qualified and the student-teacher ratio must be appropriate. It's essential that the teachers who will support our children in these early years have the appropriate training, and that the nursery has enough staff to give each child the attention they need.
  • Facilities should be spacious, bright, and clean. Children should have as much space as possible to move around and explore, with sufficient light and outdoor spaces. It's also important to ensure that the centre adheres to strict hygiene standards.
  • The materials and decoration used in the classroom should be aesthetically pleasing and safe. To ensure that the child feels comfortable, the environment should be welcoming and designed to encourage learning and fun at all times. The surroundings and materials should also be age-appropriate, thereby ensuring that our children are out of harm's way.
  • The methodology and activities should stimulate children, varying between routines and special activities that encourage their natural curiosity and spark a passion for learning.
5 consejos para elegir la mejor guardería privada en Chamartín
4 errores a evitar a la hora de elegir guardería en Chamartín


Four mistakes to avoid when choosing a nursery in Chamartín

As we already know, choosing the best nursery in Chamartín isn't an easy task and it's very common to make certain mistakes, especially for new parents. Let's take a look at the most common ones to make sure we avoid them:

  • Confusing a central location with an optimal location. Parents often think that a nursery on a high street or main road is a sign of a good centre because it has the “best location”. However, it's much more important for the children that the nursery is in a more secluded area, where they can learn and have fun in a quiet environment.
  • Falling in love with the facilities at first sight. Infant schools are often colourful and attractive places at first glance, so it's easy to overlook other crucial details, such as the safety of the spaces or the materials used for activities.
  • Not being sufficiently informed about the centre's philosophy and educational project. Both during the visit and through the various information documents provided by the centre, it's essential that parents understand the educational goals for their children and the rules, values, and principles to ensure that they don't clash with the family's beliefs or ideas.
  • Not having a chat with at least one member of staff. Getting to know closely who will be responsible for our children is vital in order to see if they meet our standards for leaving our children in the hands of others. We can take the opportunity to learn about the training of the teaching staff and better understand how the teachers and students interact with each other.




When do I have to apply for a place in a nursery in Chamartín?

Steps to enrol your child

The admission process for an infant school in Chamartín varies depending on the type of nursery (public or private) and, for private ones, on the centre itself.

For public nurseries in Chamartín, the application period is between April and May, and final admission is announced in June. As public infant schools in Madrid are run by the City Council, you can download and submit your application online. You can also apply and hand in the documents at any public infant school in the area of interest.

As for the private nurseries in Chamartín, the application period for admission is much more flexible and applications can be submitted throughout the year. Admission itself will depend on the capacity of the centre at the time and other criteria set by each nursery.

At King's Infant School-Chamartín, we make the process easy, via online application in which parents must provide basic information about the child and parents or legal guardians, as well as specific documentation such as a photocopy of the parents' and child's ID cards, and a medical certificate.

Our nursery is always open to interested families before starting the enrolment process; in fact, after the initial application, parents will be asked to visit the centre together with the children so that both parties have the opportunity to get to know each other and assess whether our project is right for the child.

Furthermore, as we're well aware of the doubts and difficulties that can arise at this vital stage, all parents interested in enrolling their children will receive personalised support and assistance from the outset.



Why choose King's College nursery in Chamartín?

King's Infant School - Chamartín is a British nursery located on a quiet, secluded street, where we offer a welcoming and creative space for children aged 18 months to seven years. The exceptional location of the centre allows us to welcome children in the heart of Madrid without the hustle and bustle of the area, while still being easily accessible for parents. We also offer various bus routes to provide easy access from different areas of the city.

At King's Infant School, we believe that the earliest ages are the ideal time to lay the foundations for future academic, personal, and professional success. Our students are educated, following the British curriculum from the very beginning, by highly qualified British teachers who provide the ideal setting for language immersion. Children also have the opportunity to learn other languages such as French, Mandarin, or German.

The British education system is based on experiential learning, whereby children learn by doing in a space specifically designed for them. But the academic aspect is only one of our foundations. Our centre also strongly promotes education in values such as solidarity, respect, and environmental awareness. We thus ensure that our children will grow into civic-minded, respectful, and successful adolescents and adults.

In addition, King's Infant School welcomes children of over 25 nationalities, so there's a distinctly international atmosphere that teaches our pupils multiculturalism and empathy, and that stimulates a natural curiosity about other ways of life. This, together with the British curriculum, means that our students choose to continue their education in our primary and secondary schools before going on to the best universities in the world, in both the UK and USA as well as in Spain.

King’s Infant School has been ranked as one of the best schools in Spain by El Mundo, Forbes magazine, and other publications. Our nursery in Chamartín is, without a doubt, the ideal option for parents who require flexibility and comfort without sacrificing educational excellence from the first stage of schooling.


Por qué elegir la guardería King's College en Chamartín

Contact us so that we can solve all the doubts and questions you may have about the King's College Chamartín nursery, and, in this way, we will help you choose the best option for your child.