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Creative Arts & Sports Camp 

We are delighted to share with you the King's Infant School Summer Camp programme. This year it will be a Creative Arts and Sports themed Camp. Activities will include team games, dance, water games, painting, designing & creating, modelling & constructing.  

Each week will be themed, and using a cross-curricular approach, we will provide activities and learning opportunities across a range of disciplines. Learning will be collaborative, fun and practical, all taught in English. 

Places are limited, so don't miss out and contact us today! 

summer KIS Chamartin

Our Location 

King's College School, The British School of Madrid, forms part of the well-renowned King's College schools' network. Located in Chamartín, a city-central neighbourhood close to Madrid's financial and business districts, the school offers facilities specifically built for children between 12 months and 7 years (from Pre-Pre Nursery to Year 2). A recent refurbishment has meant that the campus now offers access to the best classroom and outdoor spaces to optimise learning and allow children to enjoy their time both indoors and out. 

Thanks to our central location, the school is served extremely well by road and all forms of public transport (Metro, Bus, Mainline Train), ensuring everyone has easy access. Although we are situated in the centre of Madrid, the campus itself is lucky to be located at the end of a quiet residential street, which ensures our smallest visitors are also offered a safe and tranquil environment. 

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How does it work? 

The Camp which is open for children aged 2 years – 9 years old, will be running for 4 weeks from 1 to 26 July 2024.  The schedule will be 9am – 4:15pm, Monday to Friday. Bookings can be made for the entire month, for a week at a time or for single days.  Lunch and snacks will be provided.  

Please note there is no school bus service. 

Camp Details 

Multi-Activity STEAM Camp


WEEK 1: 1st to 5th July 

WEEK 2: 8th to 12th July 

WEEK 3: 15th to 19th July 

WEEK 4: 22nd to 26th July 

DURATION: 1-4 weeks or Single days 

CAMP TYPE: DAY CAMP (Monday to Friday 09.00 to 16.15) 

LANGUAGE: English 

AGES: 2 years to 9 years old 


Single days 

€ 72 

1 week 

€ 350

2 weeks 

€ 630

3 weeks 

€ 930

4 weeks 

€ 1,240

*10% applied to Inspired families.




We craft a vibrant and engaging environment, employing a dynamic methodology rooted in hands-on teaching techniques. Through captivating activities like storytelling, crafts, sports, music, and dance, language acquisition becomes a seamless and enjoyable process, often unnoticed by the campers.

Our thoughtful approach extends to age-appropriate grouping, where children are organized into small cohorts with peers of similar ages. Each group is led by a dedicated English teacher, supported by bilingual (English and Spanish) assistants, ensuring a personalized and immersive learning journey for every camper.


summercamp in Madrid

Campers will have scheduled focuses on developing a wide range of sports and arts skills so that every day is new, different, and exciting.  




  • Fully qualified and trained English/Spanish speakers, teachers and monitors 
  • Medical Insurance 
  • Access to Class Dojo (personalised parent communication App) 
  • All materials 
  • Snack & Lunch** 

**All meals can be adapted upon request to cater to children with any special dietary requirements, allergies or intolerances. 

Key Highlights


Fundamental Sports Skills: Our sports programme goes beyond just play, introducing children to the basics of various sports in a fun and supportive environment. From dribbling a football ball to mastering hockey, each child gets a hands-on experience.

Team-building Games: Beyond individual skills, we emphasise teamwork through engaging games and activities. Through cooperation and coordination challenges, children develop essential social skills in a positive and inclusive setting.

Creative Arts:

Engaging Arts and Crafts Sessions: Our creative arts program is a canvas for self-expression! From painting to sculpture, children delve into a world of colours and shapes, bringing their imagination to life. Experienced instructors guide them to discover their unique artistic flair.

Music and Rhythm Exploration: Let the melody flow! Children explore the world of music through various instruments, rhythm activities, and collaborative songwriting. Our camp provides a harmonious space for kids to discover the joy of making music together, fostering creativity and self-expression.

Water Adventures:

Water Play and Water Sports: Dive into the refreshing world of water play and sports to beat the summer heat. From splash zones to mini water sports, children engage in exciting aquatic activities. Our staff ensures a safe and supervised environment, promoting water confidence and enjoyment.

Fully Immersive Curriculum:

Field Trips: Our camp goes beyond the confines of the site with exciting excursions. From strawberry picking at local farms to rock climbing adventures, children explore nature, develop curiosity, and create lasting memories outside the traditional school setting. Excursions are designed to be both educational and enjoyable, fostering a love for nature and outdoor activities. Expert guides and supervisors accompany the children to ensure a safe and enriching experience.

Educational and Fun: Immersing children in a diverse array of weekly concepts, our programme sparks curiosity and ignites their imagination. Each topic is thoughtfully crafted to captivate their interest, fostering a sense of awe and wonder. The blend of education and enjoyment guarantees that every child experiences the joy of learning in a fun and engaging way.