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Open Days Infant School Chamartin
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Open Days Kings Infant School Chamartin

Quick facts about the school

  • Fully dedicated British infant school nestled in the heart of Madrid
  • The only school to combine high-quality British education with exploratory learning
  • A caring, nurturing and creative space for young learners to flourish
  • Purpose-built facilities for young learners
  • Access to the specialized ‘Ateliers’ for art, music and nature
  • Agility in lesson delivery and approach to new needs
  • An inclusive community of students from over 25 nationalities
  • 100% mother-tongue English language teachers​
  • Personalised, high-quality education inculcating confidence and world-readiness
  • Holistic growth due to varied extra-curriculars like language, sports, dance etc
  • British pre-nursery approach based on self-guided exploration
  • Only school with BSO inspections & British govt. accreditations
  • Consistently awarded as “Outstanding” by Penta International