An Inspired School

Our purpose built Infant School provides pupils from 20 months with the highest quality educational experiences. Our team of dedicated teachers are highly qualified and well experienced in working specifically with young children. We are delighted to announce a renovation of the whole school site bringing it up to day with the best facilities and environments in Infant Education inspired from around the world. The classroom environments have been specifically designed for the developmental needs of each age group.

Beautiful New Spaces

Spaces are designed to be beautiful which we believe children have a right to learn in. Beautiful highly organised environments naturally encourage creativity and support independence. The classrooms are spacious and have been designed to provide opportunities for children to learn through play in many different ways for example symbolic, exploratory and social.

We are a specialised Infant site where the priority of everything we do is for Infant aged children. 

Many larger schools have to balance their needs with older pupils. The new project in the renovation of our building has allowed us to purposefully design our environments to act as a ‘third teacher’ (recognising parents as first and teachers second), the beautiful environment sparks joy and supports learning through play, ignites curiosity, encourages exploration and fosters independence. 

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If you would like to learn more about our school and how we’re able to allow your child to thrive, please use the form below to contact us. Our Admissions Team will be in touch with you shortly.

Specialised Ateliers

We believe it is important to provide our students with a variety of different spaces for exploration of concepts and perspectives. In addition to specially designed class space all children will have access to the specialized ‘Ateliers’ within the school for art, music and nature.

  • The presence of the ateliers supports a transdisciplinary approach to experimental learning.
  • The green atelier is a space where students can explore, observe and care for the natural world through germinating seeds and caring for plants they have grown.
  • Children will have the chance to use their imagination, and use a wide range of high quality art materials to explore their ideas and express themselves creatively.
  • The aim is to create spaces that can be perceived and used by all five senses.
  • A vast range of materials, textures, grains and light sources will be used to support the environment.

Furniture and colour

  • All furniture is conceived according to children’s age and their degree of autonomy
  • Furniture plays a key-role in making the space “the third teacher”, it is an important educational tool, foster innovation and uniqueness.
  • We have also created a unique colour concept, where the shell will feature white walls and wood features, where furniture will include pops of colour, without primary hues and bright nuances

(Michele Zini, ZPZ Partners)

* Images used are a reflection of how the space will be designed in terms of look and feel, actual furniture and layout may vary.