An Inspired School

It is my pleasure to welcome you to King’s Infant School. Our school is a place where every day our pupils make huge steps on their learning journey and most importantly, have a wonderful time doing it.

Young children are naturally inquisitive; we embrace this to develop it into a love for discovery and learning. We create inspirational learning opportunities, encouraging our pupils’ first-hand exploration and engagement. The quality start which they achieve at King’s Infant School allows pupils to secure a solid foundation from which future learning experiences can be built upon.

We know that success is based upon a partnership between pupils, parents and staff; working together we celebrate successes and overcome challenges.

Public speaking and confidence are skills we seek to instil in our pupils from a very young age, through performance, drama and of course on stage. Our pupils become confident speakers in both English and Spanish and are encouraged to share their language skills across all lessons.

Pupils at King’s Infant School are a delight; they are polite, enthusiastic and love coming to school. I invite you to come and visit us, meet our pupils and see our unique school in action.

Rachel Davies I Director