An Inspired School
Anne Louise Jordan - Headtecher

I am really proud to welcome you to King’s Infant School where we work with a dedicated team to provide the best education and life skills for the children in our care. 

Children love to learn and we believe that every child should have the opportunity to develop each of their own individual talents and achieve their full potential, and most importantly, have fun whilst doing it. We believe at King’s Infant School we are able to provide them with the nurture and support they need during these formative years as well as provide them with the tools they require in order to secure a solid foundation in which to build on excellent academic performance.

We strive to ensure all our children achieve their academic potential but also ensure that our curriculum supports our pupils with healthy lifestyle choices, mental health and wellbeing and socially developing skills which will be needed as they move on through life.

King’s Infant School is extremely diverse with a wide range of nationalities and languages represented and we believe that by valuing this it boosts students' confidence, helps achieve learning goals, enhances academic performance and contributes to a greater awareness and acceptance of other languages and cultures in the wider community.

We are committed to creating a real family feel to our school so I invite you to visit us and see for yourself just how incredibly unique King’s Infant School is.


Anne Louise Jordan I Headteacher