An Inspired School

King’s College Schools are the schools in Madrid that are regularly inspected by the body, accredited by the British government. King’s Infant School Chamartin has been awarded “Outstanding” in every category for three consecutive years by Penta International.


BSO accreditation inspectorates are approved by the UK Government and monitored by Ofsted to inspect British schools overseas and produce inspection reports.

King’s Infant School Inspection history is – March 2014 (ISI), March 2017(ISI), February 2020 (PENTA) and February 2023 (PENTA). All of which have been awarded outstanding in every category. Over the last 6 years with 3 inspections we have maintained outstanding in every category.




King’s Infant School is an outstanding school.

Through strong, thoughtful leadership, the school maintains a clear focus on constantly improving learning experiences and outcomes for pupils. As a result of a carefully planned curriculum and skilfully delivered lessons and activities, pupils make excellent progress. The learning environment, including the excellent outdoor facilities, provide a safe and stimulating setting. Parents are supportive of the school and involved in many aspects of school life. Pupils are extremely well cared for and nurtured, and their behaviour is excellent.

There are many strengths at the school, including the following:

  • The pupils, who are happy, confident, friendly, well-behaved, enthusiastic young learners.
  • The leadership provided by the headteacher, supported by her deputy and core leadership team, who share a united vision for the school.
  • The commitment of all staff to providing the best possible experiences for children, which ensure rapid levels of progress.
  • The ethos of the school, which is warm and welcoming, and focused on achieving child-centred excellence.
  • The opportunities provided for pupils to direct their own learning, through an enriched curriculum and stimulating learning environment.
  • The optimal and creative use of the school premises, including the thoughtfully designed outdoor areas.
  • The levels of care and attention provided to pupils, which ensure their physical, academic, social and emotional needs are catered for.
  • The thematic approach taken to learning.
  • The EYFS provision, providing a sound balance between child-initiated and teacher led activities.
  • The opportunities provided for pupils to regularly interact, collaborate and learn with peers across the school.
  • The use of technology to support pupils’ learning.
  • The involvement of parents in their child’s learning and the development of the school